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Where Can I Buy Rainbow Sandals

Ecommerce has effectively democratized retail: anyone, anywhere can open up an online shop and sell their wares to people near and far. Not only does this give shoppers more options to choose from, it also allows them to base their purchase decisions on more than just price: brand story, product quality, and corporate integrity have all become distinguishing factors. In order to demonstrate this developing trend, we'll be singing the praises of our favorite brands in our new "Brand Crush" category beginning with today's honoree: Rainbow Sandals.

where can i buy rainbow sandals

Rainbow Sandals motto is "Repair, Reuse, Recycle" and they take it very seriously. From the day Longley saw that discarded flip flop on the beach and began making his own his goal has been to create something that doesn't end up in a landfill, and Rainbow Sandals makes good on that promise. On their website they ask shoppers to return any Rainbow sandals with "a little life left" so that they can repair, and donate, them to "protect the feet of the homeless, orphaned, and victims of natural disasters."

When Longley first started making sandals,[1] he was assembling 15 pairs per day out of leather and Malaysian rubber in the garage of his Laguna Beach home.[2] He relocated to San Clemente in 1975 and began manufacturing 1,200 pairs of sandals a day. Since 2002, Longley had to move 75% of production to China because of a solvent in the glue he uses. Longley had to install a catalytic oxidizer at his San Clemente factory that scrubs all the volatile organic compounds out of the glue before they are emitted into the air. He is legally allowed to make only 1,000 pairs per day in San Clemente. In China, they use a glue that has no volatile organic compounds. Longley cannot use this glue in California because it is too combustible under the fire code.[3]

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I have been traveling and living abroad now for almost 10 years (CRAZY! Where the heck as that gone?!). In all that time I have traveled with the same brand of sandals and have loved them with all of my heart. In my opinion, the best sandals for travel are Rainbow flip-flops.

In 2011 after sporting my leather flip flops at the pool for those long summer days as a lifeguard, one of the managers came into work with a brand-new pair of leather Rainbow Sandals. Being a lifeguard who is constantly looking for ways to pass the time, we all naturally discussed his new sandals. He claimed that these sandals were somehow superior to other leather sandals. Working as a lifeguard for several years, he claimed that after his many years of being a flip flop connoisseur, he had struck gold with this pair of sandals.

At the time I had no idea, but apparently these flip flops were supposed to have an extremely snug fit until the leather forms to your feet. I was unaware of this, but as I wore my sandals more and more, I slowly began to notice them becoming much more comfortable. Eventually, they slid perfectly onto my feet, and I would soon forget the brief break in period. From the first few weeks of wearing these sandals, I went from one of the most aggravated customers to one of the happiest customers solely due to the increased comfort over time. The most noticeable thing that happened as I wore the sandals more was that less and less rubbing occurred on the sandal strap. When I first bought the sandals, the leather was very light and grippy which made it almost stick to your skin. After a few weeks of everyday use, these contact points slowly become more and more smooth, allowing for a much more enjoyable experience. Additionally, the footbed of the sandals began to darken with time. This not only made the overall feel much more satisfying, but I also think that it makes the sandals look better.

When Jay Longley turned 30, he had $200 in his savings account and an idea in his head. The combination turned out to be quite lucrative. Today, at age 63, Longley is the well-heeled CEO of a California company called Rainbow Sandals, one of the top three best-selling brands of sandals in the United States.

Just because your new Rainbow Sandals are a little tight, it doesn't mean they don't fit. These leather, rubber or hemp sandals require some time to stretch out and conform to your foot. Take a little time to work them in with a few creative shoe hacks, and enjoy the supreme comfort these sandals can provide.

When you first put on a pair of Rainbow Sandals, they might feel uncomfortable across the top of your feet. This snug fit is intentional - the straps are made to be tight at first, but are engineered to stretch upon wearing. Additionally, the soles are crafted from memory-foam and will adapt to the unique shape of your foot. So while your sandals will ultimately feel great on your feet, achieving the perfect fit will take time and patience.

Step into your new pair of Rainbow Sandals and quickly submerge your feet into a basin of water, such as your bathtub. Walk around in these damp sandals. The water will soften the leather, which will then better conform to your foot.

Before you use this technique, add a drop of water to an inconspicuous place on the sandal to confirm the leather responds well to water. Or, if you don't want to dunk your new sandals in water, use a spray bottle to lightly wet the sandals instead.

Place your sandals in the bathroom with you when you're taking a hot shower. The steam will go to work, softening the sandals. Slip them on after your shower, and wear them around the house to encourage the straps to loosen and fit your foot.

Use an object other than your foot to stretch the straps. Place an empty water bottle or a tennis ball under the straps, where your foot would go. Leave these objects in the sandals whenever you're not wearing them. This trick helps to open the sandal and make it more comfortable.

Slip on your Rainbow Sandals as often as possible, even when you're at home. Wearing them is the best way to allow them to conform to your foot. If extended wear results in uncomfortable feet, sport socks while stretching your Rainbows. The added bulk is not only more comfortable, but also helpful in stretching the sandals.

Rainbow sandals are usually made up of rubber and they are considered as highly comfortable footwear. People wear them mostly at their homes or even while going to beaches. These sandals initially appear to be a little tight and uncomfortable. However, there are different ways in which you can easily break into them and match them perfectly well to your foot size.

Usually, the shoes that are made up of leather or suede are not supposed to be dipped in water. The reason behind that is that water has the tendency to destroy the shoe material. In these circumstances, a question that often strikes our minds is that if we can get our rainbow sandals wet or not? In order to know the answer to this question and some more useful information regarding rainbow sandals, you will need to go through this article.

The best tip for breaking into your rainbow sandals is to wear your sandals and then dip your feet in a bathtub filled with water and quickly taking them out. You will notice that your sandals are nicely wet. After doing this, start walking around with these sandals. After some time, the rubber will start softening because of the moisture and you will easily be able to break into your rainbow sandals. 041b061a72


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