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Greyson Rodriguez
Greyson Rodriguez

Summer Lynn

Instagrammer who is an advocate for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She has a background in the beauty and fashion industry. She has over 950,000 followers on her verified summerlynnhart Instagram account. She is represented by 4U Media.

summer lynn

While the summer heat leads many to long lazy days, two University of Delaware students and one alumna spent the summer of 2021 working diligently to advance social justice and equality of opportunity through their startups. The three changemakers participated in the inaugural Advancing Equity Thru Entrepreneurship Summer Internship Program (ETE), a program designed to support mission-driven social innovators and entrepreneurs as they develop projects and ventures supporting underrepresented and under-resourced groups.The Advancing Equity thru Entrepreneurship Initiative is a response to the call for more purposeful action and cultivation of people who are historically underrepresented in entrepreneurship.

By the end of summer, Lynn interviewed more than 70 community leaders and corporate DEI specialists, pivoted her business model and hosted a pilot program at Banh Mi Boy, a Vietnamese restaurant located in Newark. She also secured her first corporate DEI training client, Compact Membrane Solutions. Like Josh, Lynn also participated in Summer Founders and received extensive training and mentorship.

A network of social innovators and organizations supported Josh, Lynn and Milli during their summer internships: Fatimah Conley, interim chief diversity officer, and Rachel Garcia, assistant director, student diversity & inclusion, University of Delaware Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Mona Parikh, director of business development & Marketing, Delaware Innovation Space; Rysheema Dixon, CEO & President, RD Innovative Planning; Beth Yirga, cofounder, The Palm Collective; Ryan Drummond, founder, The Athlete Book; Eliza Jarvis and Jonathan Whitney, cofounders, Flux Creative Consulting; and Garry Johnson, founder, First Founders Accelerator. 041b061a72


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