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Komsunun Tavugu Kazim Kartal Izle

Komsunun Tavugu Kazim Kartal Izle

Komsunun Tavugu Kazim Kartal Izle is a Turkish comedy film from 1979 that stars Kazim Kartal, one of the most popular and prolific actors of the Turkish cinema. The film is about the adventures of Kazim Kartal, a poor and naive man who falls in love with a rich girl and goes to the city to meet her.


Plot Summary

The plot of Komsunun Tavugu Kazim Kartal Izle revolves around the adventures of Kazim Kartal, a poor and naive man who lives in a small village. He works as a farmhand for a wealthy landowner named Zafir. One day, he finds out that Zafir has a beautiful daughter named Suna, who lives in the city. Kazim decides to go to the city to see her, but he has no money or clothes. He borrows some money from his friend Sadi, who is also in love with Suna, and buys a suit from a second-hand shop. He also steals a chicken from his neighbor's farm, hoping to impress Suna with a gift.

However, things do not go as planned for Kazim. He gets into trouble with the police, the taxi driver, the hotel manager, and the chicken seller. He also discovers that Suna is engaged to a rich and handsome man named Kadir, who is Zafir's business partner. Kazim tries to win Suna's heart by pretending to be a wealthy and sophisticated man, but he only makes a fool of himself. He also gets into a rivalry with Kadir, who suspects that Kazim is after Suna's money. Meanwhile, Sadi follows Kazim to the city and tries to sabotage his plans.

The film is full of hilarious situations and misunderstandings, as Kazim faces one obstacle after another in his quest for love. The film also features some musical numbers and dance scenes, as well as some romantic moments between Kazim and Suna. The film ends with a twist that reveals the true identity of Kazim and his relationship with Zafir.

Cast and Crew



Kazim Kartal

Kazim Kartal


Türkan Soray


Vahi Öz


Talat Gözbak


Sadri Alisik


Zafer Davutoglu


Osman F. Seden

Reviews and Ratings

Komsunun Tavugu Kazim Kartal Izle is considered to be one of the classic examples of the Turkish comedy genre. The film has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, who praised the film's humor, charm, and social satire. The film has also been praised for its portrayal of the rural-urban divide and the class differences in Turkey. The film has a rating of 5.9 out of 10 on IMDb, based on 104 user reviews.

Where to Watch

Komsunun Tavugu Kazim Kartal Izle is available to watch online on various platforms. You can watch the full film on Dailymotion, where it has been uploaded by a user named SUPER-ADAM. You can also find clips and trailers of the film on YouTube and TikTok. If you want to watch the film with subtitles, you can use JustWatch to find out which streaming services offer the film in your region.


Komsunun Tavugu Kazim Kartal Izle is a fun and entertaining film that showcases the talent and charisma of Kazim Kartal, one of the legends of the Turkish cinema. The film is a comedy of errors that mixes romance, music, and social commentary. The film is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys Turkish films or comedy films in general.


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