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Llengua Valenciana 4 Primaria Santillana.pdf

Llengua Valenciana 4 Primaria Santillana.pdf

Llengua Valenciana 4 Primaria Santillana.pdf is a document that contains exercises and activities for students of fourth grade of primary education in the Valencian language. The document is part of the Reforç i Ampliació Llengua series, published by Santillana Educación, S. L./Edicions Voramar, S. L., a leading educational publisher in Spain. The document aims to reinforce and expand the linguistic skills and knowledge of the students, following the official curriculum of the Valencian Community.

The document consists of 32 pages, divided into four units. Each unit covers a different topic related to the Valencian language, such as phonetics, morphology, syntax, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, text types, and literature. Each unit also includes a self-evaluation section, where the students can check their progress and identify their strengths and weaknesses. The document offers a variety of exercises and activities that are designed to be engaging, motivating, and challenging for the students. Some examples of the exercises and activities are:

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  • Identify and classify words according to their syllabic structure, accentuation, gender, number, and category.

  • Write words with different types of accents (acute or grave) and explain the rules for their use.

  • Recognize and use possessive pronouns and adjectives correctly.

  • Invent dialogues using different types of pronouns and verb tenses.

  • Read and comprehend texts of different genres (narrative, descriptive, informative, etc.) and answer questions about them.

  • Analyze and compare texts from different authors and periods of the Valencian literature.

  • Create original texts using different linguistic resources and techniques.

The document also contains illustrations, diagrams, tables, and examples that help the students to understand and visualize the concepts and rules of the Valencian language. The document is written in a clear, simple, and accessible language that is appropriate for the level and age of the students. The document follows the orthographic and grammatical norms of the Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua (AVL), the official institution that regulates the Valencian language.

Llengua Valenciana 4 Primaria Santillana.pdf is a useful and valuable resource for students who want to improve their competence and performance in the Valencian language. The document can be downloaded for free from various websites on the internet , or purchased from bookstores or online platforms. The document can be used as a complement to the textbook or as a self-study material. The document can also be used by teachers as a guide or reference for planning their lessons or evaluating their students.


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